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Sidney Crosby’s laundry bag, Alex Ovechkin’s shower sandals are in the Hall of Fame

The NHL has always been a quirky league, from the legendary stories of pro sports’ greatest trophy, the Stanley Cup, to fans throwing hats, octopus and smelly catfish on the ice to celebrate goals. That quirkiness extends to the Hockey Hall of Fame In Toronto, which has some incredibly weird stuff for a shrine to hockey’s best.

According to ESPN’s Emily Kaplan, the Hall’s weirdness goes so far as to contract the FBI to find a very specific missing puck: Patrick Kane’s 2010 game winner in Game 6 against the Flyers. However, it’s more about what the Hall has than what it doesn’t.

The Hall of Fame contains such esteemed items as Patrick Kane’s mouth guard, Sidney Crosby’s laundry bag, and a pair of shower sandals from Alex Ovechkin at the 2011 All-Star game with, of course, a Carolina Hurricanes logo on them. Why, you might ask? Why collect these items? Presumably, because they were there to grab.

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