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How the Los Angeles Rams’ youth movement is bucking the NFL trend

How the Los Angeles Rams' youth movement is bucking the NFL trend

If there are two things we have been told about the millennial generation, it is these: 1) they are somehow the cause of every problem across the globe; and 2) the entirety of their nourishment comes from eating avocado toast at every meal.

While the avocado toast intake might be slightly exaggerated – although please understand that avocado toast is truly delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner – the claim by olds that millennials are a drain on society is clearly not true. We know this because the Los Angeles Rams, coached by 31-year-old Sean McVay, are a surprising 7-2 so far this season and have the highest-scoring offense in the NFL. Any team would love to be ruined like that by a young whippersnapper.

There is no way to overstate how well McVay has done in his first season on the job. When the Rams tabbed him to replace Jeff Fisher back in January, healthy skepticism about handing over a franchise to such a young coach accompanied the announcement. Previous “youngest ever” NFL coaches had all been failures, from Lane Kiffin to Harland Svare, and it was hard to see someone with so little experience turning around a team that hasn’t had a winning season since 2003. It was even more difficult to believe that Rams owner Stan Kroenke would make a good decision.

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