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Greatest NHL Uniforms battle underway

NEW YORK / TORONTO — As the NHL continues its Centennial celebration, the League today launched the Greatest NHL Uniforms, a mobile-first digital program where fans will have the opportunity to choose their favorite NHL® uniform of all-time.

Starting today and continuing through to Dec. 31, fans can visit to cast their votes for the Greatest NHL Uniform. Sponsored in Canada by Visa, the site takes users on a stunning visual history of the League, with an interactive gallery page providing a robust look at NHL franchises from the past 100 years and the uniforms that defined them.


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From Stanley Cup® champion teams, to the all-time greats, the teams and their uniforms are brought to life with beautiful photography, digitally recreated logos, and detailed descriptions of each uniform design and history. Fans will have the opportunity to share their favorites on social media, and can join in the conversation using the hashtag #NHLGreatestUniforms.

Some of the iconic uniforms featured as part of Greatest NHL Uniforms include:

Boston Bruins, 1926-32 – The white uniform with brown and gold stripes, and the logo featuring a brown bear walking below the team name was worn through the end of the 1931-32 season.

Chicago Blackhawks, 1956-59 – For the first time since the mid-1930’s, the Blackhawks updated their uniforms, with red as the main jersey color, striping at the waist and around each sleeve. The Blackhawks wore the white version of this sweater at the 2017 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic®.

California Golden Seals, 1974-76 – The California Golden Seals entered the 1974-75 season with a brand new color scheme and uniform design. Gold remained, but kelly green was replaced with teal — a color never before seen in the NHL.

Vancouver Canucks 1978-85 – The new gold, black and red uniforms with a giant “V” on the front replaced the blue and green uniforms featuring a hockey stick across the chest. The Canucks made their first Stanley Cup® Final appearance wearing this uniform in 1980-81.

Hartford Whalers 1979-92 – When the New England Whalers joined the NHL from the World Hockey Association in 1979, they adopted the Hartford name, and changed their logo to a blue “W” with a green whale tail at the top, which was featured on the front of the green and blue uniforms.

San Jose Sharks 1991-98 – The Sharks made a splash when they joined the NHL as an expansion team in the 1991-92 season, with teal uniforms (a color that hadn’t been part of an NHL jersey since the California Golden Seals moved to Cleveland in 1976). San Jose’s uniforms featured teal, black, and silver stripes, a shark fin on each shoulder and a shark swimming through a triangle chomping down on a hockey stick on the front.

Vegas Golden Knights 2017-18 -The NHL’s first expansion team in 17 years chose the name Golden Knights, and introduced a new uniform color to the NHL: steel grey jerseys and black sleeves trimmed with black, gold, and red. The logo features a knight’s helmet in gold and grey on a black shield trimmed in gold; the eye holes of the mask designed to form a “V” for Vegas.

Greatest NHL Uniforms selection process features NHL uniforms going head to head, with fans selecting their favorite. A leaderboard on the site will keep fans up-to-date on the voting results throughout the next five weeks.

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