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Bruce Arians: Blaine Gabbert isn’t bad, he was just “on really [expletive] teams”

Bruce Arians: Blaine Gabbert isn’t bad, he was just “on really [expletive] teams”

Cardinals third-string quarterback Blaine Gabbert may have to start this week because of injuries to Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is saying the Cardinals will be fine with Gabbert — and using colorful language to do so.

Arians said Gabbert’s struggles throughout his NFL career haven’t been Gabbert’s fault but the fault of the teams he was on.

“He was on really shi–y teams,” Arians said, via Josh Weinfuss of ESPN.

Arians is right about that: Gabbert was drafted by the Jaguars in 2011 and spent three years in Jacksonville, then was traded to San Francisco and played three years for the 49ers. He was never on a team with a winning record, and that was far from only his fault: Last year the 49ers went 1-4 while Gabbert was starting and 1-10 with Colin Kaepernick starting, and the year before the 49ers went 3-5 while Gabbert was starting and 2-6 while Colin Kaepernick was starting. His three years in Jacksonville his teams went a combined 5-22 in games he started and a combined 4-17 in games he didn’t start.

So Arians is right about the quality of the teams Gabbert played on. Whether Gabbert can win in Arizona we may soon find out.

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